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Technical Assistance for Wetland Restoration

FIELDSD25bR00aP01ZL-Arthur2Through our watershed restoration program – FIELDS, or Farmers Implementing Environmental Landscape Designs and Solutions, the Trust is working in close partnership with farmers to deliver a targeted, comprehensive landscape approach to the improvement of water quality and wildlife habitat.  FIELDS employs a “total farm assessment” approach that provides landowners with a “conservation menu” of all applicable conservation best management practices, sustainable agricultural recommendations, and habitat management guidelines that could be implemented on their lands to improve environmental sustainability as well as agricultural productivity.  Providing landowners with total farm assessments is crucial to facilitating one-on-one conversations tailored to the individual landowner and the individual circumstances that his land may offer.  Every landowner has unique needs, just as every property presents unique restoration and management potential.  Equipping each landowner with conservation recommendations and management regimes that could be employed, along with information regarding funding avenues for each option, allows for informed decision making that can benefit the landowner’s bottom line, as well as yield vast returns for the environment.    Through FIELDS, we are working to make a measurable, significant impact on our landscapes – one watershed at a time.  Follow the links to learn more about our active programs:




New York


Stream and Riparian Buffer Restoration

The Trust is restoring streams and riparian buffers in important watersheds throughout Pennsylvania.  We have been awarded grants from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection Growing Greener Program, the Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds, and Blair County Conservation District’s Riparian Buffer Restoration Program.  Our restorations incorporate natural stream channel design principles to reduce erosion and non-point source pollution, provide important habitat for riparian species such as native brook trout, and improve the recreational experiences  and quality of life for local community members.  Follow the links to learn more about our current stream restoration projects:

Poplar Run and Frankstown Branch of the Juniata River

Emma Creek Stream Restoration Project

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